Alvarin Metalli

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Machine and metalworks industry subcontractor.

Alvarin Metalli

Alvarin Metalli is a versatile machine workshop that supports the technology industry. Our clientèle consists of operators on practically all fields of industry.

Alvarin Metalli since 1978

First the company practiced repair workshop work for farm needs and then began to produce different agricultural machines

Professional quality, delivered fast

Alvarin Metalli is a machine shop operating in Karvia, Northern Satakunta specializing in challenging machine and device parts and part sets. The family business founded in 1978 offers the whole production curve of products to customers, including materials, sheet-metal work, welding, machining, surface finishing and assembly. Alvarin Metalli will also gladly offer services on only the needed sectors.

Are you interested in working with a rapidly growing machine workshop?

Are you interested in working with a rapidly growing machine workshop, where you will learn under capable and learning-oriented staff? If you think you’d be the right person for us, send your application through the following link.

Alvarin Metalli