Alvarin Metalli


We invest in the machining of precise and demanding pieces

Our latest investment is Fermat WFT 13 R, a CNC boring machine for medium-heavy, demanding workpieces. Fermat’s high-quality, high-performance, high-precision horizontal drilling, boring and milling machine increases our machining capacity significantly. Machining workpieces that require precision and versatile machining requires advanced technology, and the acquisition of machine tools will further expand our offering.

The new Fermat WFT 13 R is tailored for efficient machining of complex and multi-directional structures. The machine is equipped with Heidenhain iTNC 640 CNC control and dimension system. The size of the rotary table is 2000 x 2400 mm with a load capacity of 20 t. In addition, the machine has an automatic 0.001 degree turn angle head and a robot tool changer, which can be used to change the tool to every position of the angle head, and the changeover time is fast even when using intermediate stages.

FermatFermat WFT 13 R
X 4000 mm, Y 3000 mm, Z 2000 mm
V 700 mm, W 800 mm
CNC rotary table 2000 x 2400 mm, load capacity 20 t.
Automatic tool changer robot.


Factory visit to Fermat’s factory in Brno



Alvarin Metalli