Alvarin Metalli



Alvarin Metalli Oy develops its operations on the terms of the environment

We are committed to continuously reducing our environmental impact and complying with our operations.
The requirements of ISO 14001:2015 in addition to environmental legislation and customer wishes.

We favour partners and suppliers who actively reduce their environmental impact. We recycle our process waste and guide our customers through environmentally friendly materials and in the choice of methods.

Reliable and certified work

We take care of the quality of our work by investing into the expertise of our employees, modern work methods and tools. We also invest into a high quality entirety; we aim for good customer service, reliable interaction and we take notice of environmental matters and work safety and comfort.

We take part in customers' product development

Our vision is to work with customers with tight cooperation, being a reliable and cost-efficient partner in delivering machine and device parts and systems.

We also want to take part in customers’ product development already in the planning stage and bring visions to the production of devices and therefore help the customer achieve more cost-efficient solutions to the production curve of their products.


Service orientation

We always treat customers with expertise, good attitude and an enthusiastic grasp.


We adapt to customers’ demands when necessary and search for the best methods.


We believe in strong visions, free will and resilience.

Customer orientation

We always think of what is best for the customer and how to make our product the best possible.

Alvarin Metalli