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17-vuotias Helmi Ahonen on lähes ylivoimainen omassa sarjassaan.

Positive visibility through a partnership programme

Alvarin Metalli has a partnership programme consisting of two portions: organizational cooperation and sponsorships. In addition, we contribute to charity projects, such as a Christmas fundraiser for children and young people. We wish to be known as a modern metal industry company that respects nature, promotes well-being and appreciates cooperation and partnership.

Canoe sprinter Helmi Ahonen – a star of the future

One of the people Alvarin Metalli sponsors is 17-year-old Helmi Ahonen, who is nearly unbeatable in her own class. During last season, Ahonen, who races under the Helsinki-based team Merimelojat ry, won all individual events in the T16-class Finnish championships in canoe sprint, securing her Finnish cup victory. Helmi also reached 5th place at the Nordic Championships.

The primary events in canoe sprint are 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 meters. Out of these, 200, 500 and 1000 metres are raced along straight tracks, with each competitor having their own lane, while the 5000-meter event has laps. Besides individual races, canoe sprint also has duos and four-person teams. Canoe sprint has been an Olympic sport since 1936. The sport involves two types of boats: the kayak and the canoe. In Finland, the kayak is the more popular choice. The sport has roughly five hundred registered hobbyists in Finland. It is most popular around the Tampere region, which has the country’s highest concentration of canoe sprint clubs.

Canoe sprint demands a lot physically

Helmi, who used to practice swimming, moved onto canoe sprint partly because of its demanding nature. The sport requires athleticism and endurance, and is especially hard on the upper body. The most difficult events are marathon races and carrying sections, during which the boat is carried for some hundreds of meters between rowing sections. The marathon canoe weighs eight kilos, which is twice what the boats used in shorter races weigh.

Helmi Ahonen practices around 18 hours a week and is aiming for international competition. She is heading to a training camp in Spain before the next season begins. Various water and wind conditions pose challenges in canoe sprint, but Helmi has ambitious goals to exceed herself.

You can follow Helmi’s progress and training on Instragram at @helmi.ahonen.athlete


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