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Next up is Pasi Kannisto, the foreman of the welding department.


Things have always worked out well

Pasi’s work story began on the school bench in 1986. At that time, Alvarin Metalli’s yard was full of sleighs and winches for agricultural purposes. “Certain products have a certain life cycle,” says Pasi Kannisto, reminiscing about the times when the company produced up to 700 potato lifting machines in a summer. “I don’t know if I made a good impression, or if it was perfect timing, but practical training periods and summer jobs turned into full time work, and I have worked at Alvarin Metalli since.” Pasi graduated from a vocational school as a builder, but he became a metalman. “My work at Alvarin Metalli was only interrupted by 11 months of compulsory leave in the army,” he said.

“In addition to Jukka and Jorma Alvari, we employed 4 people, so we have kept on growing,” Pasi describes the early days. Since 2008 Pasi Kannisto has been the foreman of the welding department. “Everthing has always been working out just great, and communication has been smooth,” Pasi describes his work community.
He therefore recommends this type of work for young people, work where they can leave a visible mark with their own hands. “Many people’s image of the metal industry has stagnated in the 1970s. When we take on students for an on-the-job training period, they are surprised by the advancements in technology. The welding shop has all the latest machines and equipment, starting from the work clothes,” Pasi explains excitedly.

Pasi, together with the welding station supervisor Pauli Niskala, is responsible not only for the quality control of the welding plant and the process, but also for the training of employees. Most customers require certificates of the welders’ professional qualifications, which are required for demanding jobs and specialty metals. The inspection practice is self-monitoring, meaning that the welder from time to time verifies with a professional workmate that the product is made according to the drawings. “My job is actually mentoring, advising and guiding, and keeping the guys happy. Some have been working for 10 years, some have just started, but everyone needs to be treated equally. It must be fun for everyone,” Pasi says of his work. Sometimes there is no time to help everyone, and the workload grows. Then Pasi takes time to relax at home and puts on a vinyl record or two. The music carries him off. The other thing carrying him off is a bicycle.


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