Total and system deliveries

Total and system deliveries

A product created in the same house from the beginning to the end is often an inexpensive, reliable and quick way for the customer to have machines and devices done. A certain operator can be the best one for the scheduling, expenses and management of the project, which helps the product delivery fit the agreed schedule and minimize reclamations.

Complete and system deliveries are tailored according to the customer's needs. The customer may participate in the project if they want, but when trying save resources the delivery can be requested with the turnkey approach.

The complete delivery may contain the following factors to form an entirety for the customer's needs: public authority tasks, project management, design, competitive tendering, steel structuring, electricity work, hydraulics, automatics and earthwork. We utilize our broad and reliable subcontraction network when needed, which allows us to respond to different needs and demands diversely.

With complete subcontraction the customer receives a complete machine, device or device part. We produce the parts, do the purchases, perform the assembly, electricity work and test the products.

Production of replacement parts

We produce replacement parts with the customer's documentation or possibly from a model. We are able to produce parts with a very short delivery time if needed, and we may also produce most commonly needed parts into our stock.


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