We wish you a Merry Christmas!

This year we donated our holiday funds to Save the Children foundation. Save the Children Finland is a politically and religiously independent non-governmental organization founded in 1922, which fights for children’s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children’s lives in Finland and all over the world. We tank our customers, co-partners and…

Alvari invests in the future: more machining capacity and production space

Alvarin Metalli is in the process of significant investment projects in order to grow the production capacity, enhance delivery reliability and diversify production spaces. With our hall expansion the floor area of our production increases by 2500 square meters. The lifting capacity is supplied by cranes from Satateräs. The machining sector has got a new…

Subcontracting trade fair was a success for alvari

We have returned from the Subcontracting Trade Fair. The fair went well for Alvari. The fair had 17 684 visitors, so the hullabaloo was quite big. Our fair division experienced updates in the spirit of Finland's 100th independent year and we got a lot of attention. We would like to thank all visitors of our…

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