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Success stories
from the mechanical
industry and metal
product industry

Investments into
technology as a
requirement for

Applied research
work and
education support

Finland's most
important export
industries are
metal industry and
machine shop industry

Development in
robotics and

Work and
from the metal
and technology industries

A modern
metal company
naturally from
Finland to
the world

Expertise, high quality and speed

Alvarin Metalli is a machine shop operating in Karvia, Northern Satakunta specializing in challenging machine and device parts and part sets. The family business founded in 1978 offers the whole production curve of products to customers, including materials, sheet-metal work, welding, machining, surface finishing and assembly. Alvarin Metalli will also gladly offer services on only the needed sectors.

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Our capacity also allows the management and machining of big orders or products.
We can grow through our working subcontract network to respond to challenging situations when needed. Explore the maximum objects of our production, premises and our machinery.

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Business areas

Alvarin Metalli operates broadly on different business areas. Our products and services are used by practically the whole industrial sector. Our long and versatile experience in different customer demands, usage conditions of products and the production process allow us to work with challenging products regardless of the business area.

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Our customer base covers big international public companies and small domestic companies, so therefore strict schedules, cost-efficiency and production of challenging parts is familiar to us. We also work with different engineer agencies, which helps customer projects as flexible and effortless as possible.

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