Product design and prototype production

Product design is a relevant part of product development. Good design already partially guarantees the functionality and expedience of the product.

We design products independently and together with customers. We also do business with different engineer and design agencies and public authorities. The basis for our design is the customer: the purpose of the product, the desired features, the budget and the time schedule.

We implement design work by subcontractions from a capable and experienced industrial designer. 3D models of the products are drawn with CAD software and the required dimensional drawings are delivered to the customer and to production.

Prototypes and projects

Prototypes and project products are produced in tight cooperation with the customer. Parts may be produced according to the customer's plans or we may take care of the production from the design on.

We also want to be in tight contact with the customer's design and bring the required production vision already during the planning stage and in this way help lower the production expenses.


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