Business areas

Business areas

Diversely into almost every business area

Alvarin Metalli is a versatile machine shop serving the technology industry and our customer base operates on practically every business area. Traditionally products of the metal and machine shop industry are needed in mining for rock and mineral processing machines, in the machine industry such as in motors of ships and power plants, in the elevator industry and in different lifting devices.

New machines and devices are needed in the developing society globally, for example in the wood and forestry industry, dockyard, vehicle, aeroplane and electronics industry. While energy and production efficiency increases and technology develops, the demand for metal and machine shop products covers the needs of private companies and public institutes.

Our services for different business areas:

Welded and machined frameworks

In machining we serve our customers comprehensively from small turning parts to big challenging frameworks. We deliver a complete framework or a part set to our customers welded or machined. We also machine parts or moldings that are already welded by the customer. We also offer frameworks that are only welded.

System deliveries and complete subcontraction

With complete subcontraction the customer receives a complete machine, device or device part. We produce the parts, do the purchases, perform the assembly, electrify and test the products.

Mass production

We produce products that are bigger by yearly volume as mass productions into stock. We store the products and deliver them to the customer at the agreed point of time with a really short delivery time.

Set deliveries

With a set delivery the customer can get all the parts they need for their assembly with one order from machine frames to attachment supplies. We store and purchase the required parts and deliver a complete set straight to the customer's assembly. The set delivery saves time and resources.


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