Alvarin Metalli operates in Karvia, Northern Satakunta, and focuses on specialist equipment, machine parts, and total parts systems. The family business, founded in 1978, offers customers the complete product manufacturing chain: materials, sheet metal work, welding, milling, surface treatment, and assembly. If you wish to employ our services in only one of those areas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Professional, high-quality, and fast

Our professional and flexible personnel, our modern production methods and equipment, and our extensive subcontracting and partner networks guarantee high-quality products and deliveries as promised. Presently, 90% of our production consists of milled frameworks or total parts deliveries for material handling systems.

Our current production includes both project deliveries and open policy -based parts and equipment manufacture. Having versatile production practices is a major help to our company’s ability to offer our customers exactly the service they need, with very speedy deliveries when required.

Products and services